Friday, January 24, 2014

My Cat Keeps Sneezing - What to Do When You Have a Cat Sneezing a Lot

Okay. Your cat keeps sneezing. As long as you don't have a cat sneezing blood, this is probably not a case of something really bad like feline leukemia. He may have caught a "cat cold", or may have just got some dust or allergens in his nose. Regardless, if your cat or kitten keeps sneezing, you will want to take a look at some common cat sneezing symptoms to determine what course of action to take, and how serious the problem is.

When you have a cat sneezing a lot, especially if there is cat sneezing and coughing present, something has gone from a not-so-serious issue to a more dangerous health concern. True, your cat loves to investigate and explore its world with its nose, but that little bit of dust, if left untended, can result in a much more serious matter.

In a cat, upper respiratory infection is a very common ailment that can be diagnosed rather easily. If you have cat sneezing and runny nose, and these symptoms are accompanied by loss of appetite, depression, and coughing. The good news is you can keep this from occurring when your cat keeps sneezing if you treat the flu-like symptoms quickly.

But, you ask, how can I treat my cat? I can not afford an expensive vet trip, and hate to see my feline friend stuck and prodded and mad at me. What are your options? You have only two options here other than an expensive, painful vet trip.

If your cat or kitten sneezes periodically, give it a day and see if it stops. It could be that a local environmental effect like dust or dirt has lodged in your pet's nasal passage, and will be sneezed out. But if your kitten or cat keeps sneezing a lot, you can be certain that there is a bigger problem at hand. At this point, we can rule out ignoring the problem, as it can become much more serious, and even lead to feline leukemia or lung problems.

The only available option if your cat keeps sneezing is actually a treatment that has been around since the beginning of time, and a treatment that wild cats use all the time. Using natural herbs and naturally occurring substances and minerals as opposed to chemicals and medicines produced by man is the practice of homeopathy. Many veterinarians and pet experts have been saying for years that our current medicinal practices and pet foods may actually be shortening our beloved pet's lives.

Employing homeopathic, holistic cures found in nature is preferred for many reasons. First, there are no side-effects. Vet cures can have painful side-effects, some of them worse than the symptoms they are meant to cure. Homeopathic cures are also non-intrusive. There is no scaring your cat with a vet, no shots, and no cramming him into a cat carrier. Homeopathic cures are sprinkled or dropped onto your pet's tongue, and that is it. Oh yeah, there is no devastating veterinarian's bill, either.

Did you know a natural homeopathic cure can heal your cat in as little as one week with no shots and no vets? You love your pet and want only the safest, natural cures when your CAT KEEPS SNEEZING. Check out Improve Respiratory functions to join stop your cat and dog sneezing problems.

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