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Native Remedies and PetAlive

Treatment of some conditions such as ...



Symptoms of menopause

Immune system deficiencies

... and a wide range of others in humans can often be more effectively addressed with the help of natural remedies.

Similarly for pets, treatment for typical conditions can often be safer and more effective with the use of herbal and homeopathic treatments, avoiding the often debilitating effects of pharmaceutical medications.

In fact, we firmly believe that the best approach to treatment may be a combination of traditional medicine, herbal/homeopathic remedies, and always due attention to lifestyle - healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits.

In our search and by word-of-mouth referral we came to know and appreciate the expertise, experience and dedication of Michele Carelse, a Clinical Psychologist.

In her practice, Michele had to help her patients deal with the psychological impact of their ailments - ranging from HIV, cancer, AIDS, to menopause, arthritis, anxiety/stress and even self-confidence issues surrounding personal presence and beauty.

In doing so, she came to understand the link between the psychological and physical effects of these ailments, and became dedicated to helping resolve both of these!

Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
Board Member of "Health Professions Council of South Africa" and the "Professional Board of Psychology"

As a result, Michele, with her in-depth knowledge of psycho pharmacology and the effects of synthetic medicines on psychiatric disorders, has spent many years developing extremely effective herbal compounds to aid in the treatment of the symptoms and ailments she came to experience in her counseling practice.

Manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, each of our complex and potent remedies has been especially created in therapeutic dosages to safely and effectively treat a range of conditions, including acne, impotence, arthritis, PMS, UTI and bladder infections, depression, anxiety, menopause, ADHD and chronic headaches. We also have powerful remedies to help with weight loss and to improve sexual performance, as well as for a wide range of cat and dog conditions and disorders.

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Above all, we urge you to take a sensible, balanced approach to healing yourself or your pets - always consult your physicianor, for your pets, your veterinarian; develop a healthy lifestyle; and use our herbal remedies as directed.

We are dedicated to your health, and hope that you find what you need on this site. Always feel free to email us to make a suggestion, or Ask us a Question a question related to the use of the products we offer.

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We wish you Good Health!
The Native Remedies Team